If a guy is attracted to you, there isn’t that much you have to do to get them started. But sometimes, you still have to make an effort for them to get even more interested in taking things to a more romantic level.


You need to flirt

Nowadays, women can’t just rely on the old ways of doing things and wait for men to make the first moves. They have to be brave enough to make moves on their own to snag that guy that catches their eye that they might have met through online dating. With that comes flirting moves that can drive men crazy. They don’t have to be too obvious for them to work. Here are a few simple flirting maneuvers that you can try for yourself:

Eye contact

One of the best things that you can do to disarm a man and make him want you even more is to make eye contact. It will let the guy know that there is no other man in the room that you want to talk to. Be sure to look him in the eyes when either of you is saying something, but be sure not to do this too long. Even if you find the guy on 6app, you can still look him in the eyes and ask him a question then look down once it gets too intense.


Staying close to your man is one thing to make him feel secure that you like him. But if you want to make things even more intimate, flirting through touch can get the intensity levels from warm to scorching hot for your guy in just a few minutes. Resting your hand on his thighs or even playfully nudging him on the shoulders will do more for them than you think. Men are physical creatures that respond more to their senses than any other. Those light touches can make him go crazy and want to go sex dating.

Whispering in his ear

It is even sexier to feel the warmth of your partner’s breath against your skin as they talk to you. When you are in a public place, and you get close to your guy to whisper a few words, this can drive them mad. The closeness of your body next to him can make him think more intimate thoughts. Be sure to make your voice a bit sultry, so he really gets the picture and would act on it as soon as he gets the chance.

Let him catch you looking

You can really get a man’s attention if they find that you are interested in him. So, when you find that your guy or someone you’re interested in is looking away. Get his attention by looking at him. Once he catches you doing so, quickly look away and smile a bit. This will get him curious about you enough to want to talk to you. Be sure that you don’t stare at him in a creepy way that can make you look like a stalker. Do this subtly and not too often so you won’t scare them off rather than draw them in. You can just do this once or twice to get your message across and not more than that.